PVC Cleaning

Modern PVC is a very resistant material and should last a lifetime, however it does need
occasional maintenance. Most people keep the glass in their windows and
conservatories clean but they pay little attention to the PVC frames.

Over time the PVC is affected by dust and pollution in the atmosphere; the effects of
sun, wind, and rain; and, in areas that are often damp, the growth of green algae, moss
and mildew.

The result is that your bright and airy conservatory or garden room no longer looks as
good as it did when it was first built; along with your PVC doors, frames, windows and
fascias, it has lost its sparkle.

The good news though is that, with a thorough clean, your PVC frames and fittings can
be restored to look brand new.
How to make your PVC look white again

Cleaning PVC isn’t difficult once you know what you are doing, but it can be very time consuming and you will need some special tools, especially to reach the less accessible areas such as conservatory roofs and roof line fixtures such as fascias, gutters, and architraves.

Conservatories cleaning in Worsley
Conservatory roof cleaning in Worsley
As well as restoring its good looks there are other reasons for cleaning your conservatory. 
Green algae and mould isn’t only an eyesore, it can also do real harm. If not treated quickly
mould and algae can eat into the rubber seals causing them to swell; this can lift the roof panels
and cause internal leaks. Fixing this problem can be very costly as well as inconvenient.

While you can tackle this job yourself, for instance with soapy water, you are unlikely to be
satisfied with the result. Certainly you should avoid using a pressure washer as this can easily
cause significant damage to the seals creating even more problems. Accessing parts of the roof
is very difficult and can be potentially dangerous.

Worsley PVC cleaning will clean your conservatory using a variety of methods. With specialist
access and cleaning equipment we can safely access all parts of the conservatory including
finials and other decorative features. 

Our cleaning techniques include water and special environmentally safe cleaning agents to
remove the initial debris, and specialist creams, solvents and polishes which we use to remove
in-grained dirt and stains and provide a protective finish that will make your conservatory look as
good as new and keep it looking that way.

You will be amazed at how effective a Worsley professional conservatory clean can be.
Window frames and doors
Window frames and doors cleaning
PVC window frames and doors need much less maintenance than timber frames and doors,
but they are far from being maintenance free. The elements, pollution, and biological growth can
leave what used to be pristine white PVC looking grey and grubby.

Just as you can tackle them with soap and water, you are unlikely to come even close to what
can be achieved with a Worsley PVC professional clean using the right access equipment and
cleaning techniques. Accessing upstairs windows can be dangerous too; it isn’t recommended
that you try to clean your upstairs PVC balanced on a ladder.
Roofline cleaning
PVC rooflines including soffits, fascias and gutters are a great advance on more traditional
materials such as wood and metal. For instance they don’t rot and they don’t need painting, but
just a single winter can leave them looking green and grimy. It is also very important to keep
waterways free from debris to avoid blocks which can cause damp problems.

Cleaning PVC rooflines is certainly a job that should be left to the professionals; it is far too
dangerous for DIYers.
Cleaning the PVC in your home can give your whole house a facelift and make it a more attractive home to live in. It’s also a good idea if you are
considering selling your home as it can add to both its value and the speed at which it will sell.
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