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Pure Water Window Cleaning
For all external windows we use the pure water pole system.

Pure water is the best way to clean windows for several reasons:

Pure water absorbs any dirt or chemicals it comes across on the windows as it strives to return back to its natural impure state. This makes
it an extremely efficient and effective cleaning agent without the need for detergents.

As the water is pure it can be left to dry naturally without leaving any marks behind, giving a spot free finish. Our windows stay cleaner for

As water fed poles can reach normally inaccessible windows including above conservatories and sloping roofs. We usually carry out the
work quickly and effectively without having to climb any ladders.

We use specially designed soft brushes, cleaning all sills and frames.

We pride ourselves on our customer service. Rest assured that we will always do a good job. If you are not completely satisfied, call within
24 hours for a free re-clean.

Referrals are the lifeblood of our business. Please help us by referring your friends and family.
Our aim is to give you the best possible service, for a fair price.
We understand that our customers are busy people with busy lives, and just want to hire someone to do a great job cleaning their windows and gutters that gets on with it quickly and professionally.
Thorough cleaning of frames, sills, plastic doors, plastic conservatory panels, and of course, THE GLASS!
Fully guaranteed - if we make a mistake we will return and correct it. We clean in most weather conditions but our guarantee stands - when it’s all dry, if it isn’t perfect we will return and do it again.
Regular, reliable 4-weekly visits (other frequencies available)
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