Inspired Living Application started accepting Associates on January 2nd 2013. The site launched in May 2013. This will
be big, it will be Huge. You make money through iLiving App by sharing with your friends. Getting direct referrals is as
easy as clicking the share button on your phone. You just click share on your phone, if your friends like it, and joins, then
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You share the app with 3 of your friends, they joins, then they share the app with 3 more of their friends, and they join
too, your membership is now free. If the sharing continues to more friends, and families you start making money, lot's of
money, sky is the limit. So signing up early is the key to your success! There's not a lot of people know about this rare
opportunity right now, but after the launches, there will be lot's of new members joining in through the apps. So, now
will be a great opportunity to join in early.
To join you need a credit, debit or prepaid card only
Join as an associate $9.95 per month
No sponsoring required (optional)
Get 12 active people under you then the membership fee is free
Contact Me: Jason Kelly
Skype: jason.kelly1969
New and improved iLA version 2, and now it’s going to be Bigger, Better and more lucrative than ever!
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The App that pays in so many ways
Get $2,500 per month just by joining iLA with
your friends and family
iLA overview of how it works
If you decide to join and get 3 active people under you, i’ll
refund you back $9.95,Please send me your email address,
full name and id no and i will contact iLA support to confirm
you have 3 active members under you and your money will
go into your iLA e-wallet account.
Inspired Living Application is subscription based app download company, that sells inspiring video
subscriptions and archives instead of individual apps. You make money by just joining iLiving App as
an affiliate and sharing the app subscription with your friends. To get $2,500 a month, you need to have
your 3x7 Matrix filled.

This can be done by waiting for the group to fill it up for you, or you can speed up the process by sharing
the app with your friends and family. The more you share, the faster you will get $2500 or more.