This is due to the fact that mobile phone operators have charged expensive roaming charges for people using their mobile
phone in a different country. This has led to many people facing high charges and a few nasty surprises when they return
home. While the world is getting smaller, the same old frustrations have been delivered by mobile phones. Until now that is.

This is down to the fact that there is a new and innovative service provided by World Travel Simcard which will help you to
avoid the high cost of roaming charges when you journey around the world. There are a number of ways in which you can
make a massive difference to your expenditure when abroad when using the World Travel Simcard, including receiving incoming
calls for free!
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World Travel Simcard
Cheap National & International Phone Calls
Landline & Mobile
Only €10.00
> Don’t be charged for incoming calls
> Help people to get in touch with you
> Surf more affordably
> Make the most of your business travel
> Enjoy the benefits of a free voicemail
> Travel in confidence and style
World Travel Simcard
It has never been easier to travel the World but there are still some elements and
factors that can make you feel as though you are living in a previous generation.

Budget flights have made it more affordable to travel the world and the emergence
of the internet has ensured that you can uncover all of the greatest secrets that a
destination has to offer.

There is no getting away from the fact that mobile phones provide people with a
greater sense of freedom but up until now, this freedom has come at a very high

International Calls from 3p/min *** UK National calls 3p/min Landline & Mobile *** Get Extra credit when you top-up online *** Reduce your roaming costs up to 90%