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As a child I used to see what I now realise was spirit, I would see them walk
through walls, standing behind my mum and other people and along the landing of
my childhood home in Manchester, England.

I thought that everyone saw these and referred to them as 'see through people' so
I never thought much about it until I got older and realised that not everyone saw
these. The beauty is my mum always listened to me when I told her what I saw
and still listens to this day never doubting me. I still see these "see through
people" today, the difference being these days is I realise now what I have the
ability to see.

My great aunt Edith on my mother's side was a crystal ball reader and was known
locally, she was reading the crystal ball in the early 1900's when such things would
have been kept quieter than today. She passed over before I was born. My mum,
her niece, also has great intuitive insight, and has been able to sense and feel
things too. 
Tarot Therapist Brampton, Cumbria

I am Clairsentient, meaning I see what I feel; I know 'things' are going to happen to
people who are around me before they actually do happen. I feel people's emotions, and
I can also sense the emotions of animals and trees too.

Being Clairsentient or an Empathic can be a double edged sword but I wouldn't change it
for the world.

I have also been told that I have a healing gift by a well known Psychic, and this has
also been confirmed in other readings that I have had.  I am working on developing this
gift further so that I can offer my healing services to others.

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