Renovation Inspectors are working with home
owners to put a stop to Cowboy Builders.
It’s estimated that cowboy builders and rogue traders cost the British public £1.5 billion each year, leaving many people ripped off and left
with botched jobs that causes problems for years to come.

Some tradesmen appear to be from legitimate firms, others will just knock at your door with tactics ranging from charging overinflated prices
for shoddy work, to starting a job and then asking for more money and refusing to carry on until it’s paid.

We offer a service to inspect your renovations as the work is being carried out. Building a new home or renovating an existing house is a
complex process.

Sometimes mistakes happen that you may not discover until it's too late. Most builders are reputable but even the most reliable builder will
make an error occasionally.

Renovation Inspectors lets you rest assured that your project is being carried out to the proper standards.
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Cowboy builders inspection
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