Pak Agro Solutions
Pak Agro
Pak Agro Solutions

PAS delivers sustainable solutions to agriculture and public
health Industry in Pakistan for insect pest and vector control.

Insect pests are unwelcome visitor to crop field and cause
significant losses by reducing crop yield.

In urban areas insect pests are consider to be the most
important vector for many fatal diseases.
We bring science and nature together to provide sustainable pest
management solution.

The agriculture sector continues to be an essential component of Pakistan's economy. It
currently contributes 21 percent to GDP. Agriculture generates productive employment
opportunities for 45 percent of the country's labour force and 60 percent of the rural population
depends upon this sector for its livelihood.(FM of Pakistan).

Pakistani farmers mostly relying on chemicals pesticides which ultimately affecting the export of
Pakistani fruit& vegetables and becoming serious threat to beneficial organisms. 

PAS has joined hands with Pakistani growers to give them the best possible solutions for  pest
control and amangment in major fruits and vegetables i.e mango, ,citurs, guvava ,  melon and
cucurbit vegetables.

We also offers  to inform farmers , growers and other interested parties about our research and
developments in the area and  our new innovative products for various crops .  We have
complete system which starts with  soil and optimizes plant health..

PAS offers high quality crop seed and nutrients.

We are proud to provide the farmers and growers full management information in Urdu ..