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T. A. Newton
Hypnotherapy & Spiritual Healing
Hello and welcome to my website.

I am a trained hypnotherapist located in the town of Felixstowe, only 12 miles from
Ipswich, the county town of Suffolk.

I completed my hypnotherapy training in Ipswich and see clients from all over
Suffolk. I specialise in pain relief and self improvement. I assist clients to deal with
their stress related issues. Stress can have damaging effects to a person's health.
Symptoms, such as high blood pressure and headaches, can result from stress. If a
person lets these symptoms persist without treating them then it could lead to heart
disease, stroke or even cancer.
My aim is to provide methods of relaxation to my clients. The key to good
health is to be able to relax and control stress at anytime.

Relaxation will enable your immune system to heal your body from the
damages caused by stress. Not only will you feel relaxed but you will have
a new sense of wellbeing and upliftment that you didn’t have before.
My past clients have suffered from various kinds of ailments, for example: tinnitus, head injuries,
muscular swellings, enlarged prostates, migraines, water infections, back pains and more. I have also
had considerable success with helping clients recover from surgery. My services appeared to be
successful in their healing process. Most of my sessions are for 30 minutes. Sometimes it is only
necessary to have one session, depending on the extent of the problem the client is facing.

Please note that I offer no guarantees of cures or improvements. I recommend that clients consult their
doctor for medical advice regarding their condition before visiting me. My services are offered as a
complementary treatment to work alongside any medication or advice that the doctor prescribes for his

I understand that some clients are unable to visit me personally. I offer a distant healing prayer service
on a weekly basis for absent clients. Distant healing is very effective.

I have made guest appearances on local radio programmes and have also been featured in press

As part of my healing services, I offer a holistic massage services to customers, gently massaging both
hands. This brings a profound sense of peace and relaxation, easing aches and pains, stresses and
strains and often as a result, enables the client to enjoy a peaceful and satisfying night's rest. This of
course is significant in the customer's recovery from illness. Alternatively the service can be offered just
to relax and pamper clients and make them feel special.

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Mrs T. A. Newton
Dip. Hyp. Psy.
Hypnotherapy & Spiritual Healing Felixstowe, Ipswich, Suffolk
Tel: 07585 523026 / Email: hypnotherapyfelixstowe@outlook.com
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Stress relief hypnotherapy sessions in Ipswich, Suffolk
Tel: 07585 523026 / Email: hypnotherapyfelixstowe@outlook.com   

Hypnotherapy and Spiritual healing in Felixstowe, Ipswich, Suffolk and surrounding areas.

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