English Air
Quotes from the World Health Organization (WHO) :

“Air quality in most cities worldwide fails to meet WHO guidelines for safe levels, putting people at risk of respiratory
disease and other health problems.

“In most cities where there is enough data to compare the situation today with previous years, air pollution is getting

“Too many urban centres today are so enveloped in dirty air that their skylines are invisible”

“We can win the fight against air pollution and reduce the number of people suffering from health problems”


“We cannot buy clean air in a bottle . . . . . . . . .”       Yes, You Can!
in transit.

Our 500ml jars measure 115mm high & 84mm in diameter, and weigh 40 grams. Once used, they are useful to store all types of
ingredients or items.

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as they are very light in weight for shipping and are very unlikely to be damaged
English Air
jars are made from high quality clear plastic (PET).  Many people mistake this type of plastic for glass.  PET plastic,
unlike PVC, is fully recyclable and if it is put into landfill it degrades without leaching any chemicals into the soil.

Our jars have an attractive green screw top lid with a tamper proof security seal which needs to be cut across to release the lid.
We have chosen this type of jar for
English Air
English Air
jars are great to give your body a healthy boost; or to give as gifts to family and friends; or to give to guests
when entertaining.
We are based in the beautiful county of Worcestershire where there are forests, woodland, the Malvern Hills and rolling meadows. We also
collect our pure air further west in the green pastures of Shropshire, with its extensive farmland, woods and river valleys. Further west still,
into Wales, we capture air from the wind blown coast.
English Air
are now selling clean pure air from England. Not in a bottle, but in a jar.
When water was first bottled, people said “that’s crazy” but now it is taken for granted.
English Air
we capture clean, fresh and pure natural air from areas in England which are far away from any pollutants.
We go to hilltop meadows, beaches, woodlands, high ridge formations to lovingly and carefully capture the air in our jars for our customers
to enjoy.

England is part of United Kingdom which is an island, so the wind blows in from the ocean, from all directions, cleansing and freshening our
air.  Secondly, England is famous for its rain, which helps to clear pollutants and creates the lush green of its countryside.
English Air
is filtered organically by nature.