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Bunsoy Tutoring Ltd is an independent and privately owned company limited by
shares registered in England and Wales, established to improve the educational,
vocational and professional needs of people.

With dedicated tutors and friendly staff team, we can help you to increase your
knowledge in order to be successful in your endeavours in life.

1. Quality - There is quality in the service rendered to our students, ranging from
dedicated staff team, friendly and contusive atmosphere for learning, face to face
learning and mentoring, group learning and conferences to build the confidence of
our student when they get to other institutions.

2. Results - The success rate of our students is second to none, the progress of our
students is very important and the end result will certainly justify the means that is
why majority of our students come out with flying colours in their various exams.

3. Commitment and Track Record -Bunsoy Tutoring Ltd has the track record of
excellence in the tutoring business; our students give us excellent feedbacks.

4. Experience - Our tutors are highly experienced and qualified up to degree level
in various disciplines and always happy to help in impacting knowledge to others.

5. Specialisation- Bunsoy Tutoring Ltd specialises in various subjects such as
Mathematics, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Business and Finance, Professional,
Vocational, Project Management and Planning.

6. Support Services - There are lots of support services such as career advice,
counselling, mentoring, Ucas personal statements, Exam preparatory sessions etc.
Bunsoy Tutoring Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire
Project Management, Project Planning in Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire
Foundation, Undergraduate, Degree Level and Post Graduate Level
Mathematics, Science, Business Studies, Accounting
1. To help people regardless of ability, age,
background, colour, sexual orientation to realise
their goals for the future through the support of
the highest quality private tuition available.

2. To help students achieve their potentials in
areas of academics.

3. To encourage individuals, understand their
needs and provision of individualised attention.

4. To raise students’ aspiration and achievement
levels by self confidence, motivation and

1. Key Stage 1- 4.
2. GCSE IGCSE, Scottish Standards.
3. AS LEVEL, A Level, IB, Scottish Highest.
4. Foundation, Undergraduate, Degree Level and
Post Graduate Level.
5. Professional Examinations.
6. Mathematics, Science, Business Studies,
7. Project Management, Project Planning.
8. Career Advice and Counselling.
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