Welcome to Bohemian Dreamz
We are more than a furniture brand, its an urban sanctuary for the rare from Noho to Noting hill from Paris to New York. Our friends all hang their
hats here, it’s a home to many characters.

‘’Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’’
Zien Jr Khan

Through collaborations that combine the spirit of each client with the essence of their spaces. Bohemian Dreamz creates uniquely distinct experiences
from humble beginnings and inspiring minds. We at Bohemian began our journey with one purpose to innovate and create a brand for the
cosmopolitan customer.

‘’Beauty Beyond Design’’

We at Bohemian Dreamz offer a huge range of lighting for every situation and in house interior from made to measure beds, headboards, mattresses
and also a wide range of furniture either for home or commercial.
Bohemian Dreamz


Tel: 01274 398161 Email: bohemiandreamz@hotmail.com Web: www.bohemiandreamz.co.uk