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medical emergency alert button
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Most people want to live independently as
long as possible, even when they are elderly
or disabled.

With a medical home alert button, not only
can your family member live independently
longer, but they can also have access to help
in a medical emergency, 24 hours a day, 7
days a week.

Your elderly or disabled family member will
have safety and security, and you will rest
easy knowing they are protected with access
to services in any medical emergency.

  24/7 HELP
  • 24/7 help at a touch of a button
  • Order your peace of mind today
Medical home alert button - Sarah testimonial
Sarah McCarthy
" I feel safe knowing all I have to do is
press a button and someone will be at
the end of the phone to see if I'm ok"
Medical home alert button
David Robinson
" I can't believe how easy it is to
use, it has big buttons to press,
you can adjust the volume as
well "
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